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The OpticomÖ Model 752 Phase Selector is a plug-in, two-channel, dual-priority, encoded signal device designed for use with OpticomÖ Infrared System Emitters and Detectors. The OpticomÖ Model 754 Phase Selector is a plugin, four-channel, dual-priority, encoded signal device designed for use with Opticom infrared system emitters and detectors. Both can be installed directly into the input files of Type 170 traffic controllers equipped with priority phase selection software and in virtually any other traffic controller equipped with priority phase selection inputs and related software. Phase selectors are powered from AC mains and contain their own internal power supply to support Opticom infrared system detectors.

The OpticomÖ Model 760 Card Rack is required when input file space is not available.

Opticom models 752 and 754 recognize and discriminate among three distinct Opticom emitter frequency rates via Opticom detectors: high priority, low priority and probe frequency. Within each of these three frequency rates, the phase selectors further discriminate among 10 classes of vehicle identification codes, with 1,000 individual vehicle codes per classŚ10,000 total per frequency rate.



    Opticom models 752 and 754 internally
    record each activation of the system. Each
    entry contains the:
  • Intersection name
  • Date and time of the activity
  • Vehicle class code of the activating vehicle
  • Activating vehicleĺs ID number
  • Channel called
  • Priority of the activity
  • Final green signal indications displayed at the end of the call
  • Time spent in the final greens
  • Duration of the activation
  • Nearest intersection location information