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Multi-Channel Video Traffic Detection System

Video-Trak-IQ is Peek Traffics latest innovative product in the video traffic detection line. Combining the pedigree of the ground-breaking multi-channel VideoTrak line and the ease-of-use features of the single channel UniTrak products, VideoTrak-IQ is truly the best of both worlds. With the ability to view and monitor four video channels at a time using a single card or shelf-mounted unit, and the ability to configure zones interactively onscreen using a standard monitor and mouse, VideoTrak-IQ makes mult-channel traffic monitoring easy to use and powerful.

VideoTrak-IQ displays on-site traffic scenes with visual verification of proper zone placement and proper vehicle detection. It also provides a flexible, easily modified configuration of as many as 26 detection zones per channel. And as with all of the VideoTrak and UniTrak products, the fundamental value of VideoTrak-IQ is that it reduces high maintenance costs and inefficient intersection operations caused by the failure of traditional detection loops buried in road surfaces.

Powerful Camera Options
The VideoTrak-IQ cards are backward compatible with VideoTrak and UniTrak cameras. Or, they can be used with the new VideoTrak-IQ color camera with integrated coax control to utilize advanced features and faster install times.

Camera Lens Control Over the Coax
The new VideoTrak-IQ color camera provides a powerful new control option: Lens Control Over the Coax. The zoom and focus settings of the camera can be controlled from the VideoTrak-IQ user interface at the cabinet (on the ground) with no additional wiring.



Video Trak-IQ Video Detection Cards
Video Trak-IQ 2 and 4 Channel Video Detection Cards


  • 4 camera video detection system in the space
    of a single 4 channel loop detector card
  • Advanced video detection algorithms utilizing
    dual processors for superior detection accuracy
  • Individual zone sensitivity
  • Zone-by-zone directionality
  • Ethernet Port units are IP-Addressable
  • MPEG-4 video streaming over Ethernet for hi
    quality remote video viewing
  • Multiple USB 2.0 connectors
    -- USB Mouse
    -- USB Flash Drive support
  • No PC required for setup just a mouse and a
  • Hi-resolution user interface provides fast and
    intuitive configuration
  • A three-color status LED for each video
  • Quad screen video display allows for full
    intersection viewing at one time
  • Rack or Enclosed Box Shelf mount options


Downloads: Advanaced features & Specifications


Color Video Traffic Detection Camera

Peek Traffic's Color Traffic Detection Video Camera is a rugged, high performance video camera designed to be used with the VideoTrak-IQ, VideoTrak & Unitrak Detection Systems. combining high sensitivity in all lighting conditions with high resolution imagery, this camera is the perfect source to feed images into the patented digital image processing algorithms of your Peek video traffic detection systems.

Utilizing a ?-inch format CCD imager with a built-in infrared (IR) cut filter, the Peek Camera is fully automatic and easy to install in a variety of environments. Built-in intelligence allows the camera to adjust to all lighting conditions using its automatic high-speed electronic shutter. That, and the camera's industry-leading resolution, ensures that the VideoTrak-IQ, VideoTrak & Unitrak processors receive the highest quality images possible in all situations.

The camera's tough enclosure is tested and certified to handle nearly any weather and environmental condition. Designed to handle weather extremes, salty atmospheres, safety and industry standards, the VDS Camera is designed to meet NEMA, MIL-STD-810E, and FCC Class B, part 15 requirements.

A standard sun shield is provided with each enclosure. The sun shield helps cool the enclosure and also guards against unwanted glare and reflection. An integrated, temperaturecontrolled heater ensures that the electronics operate and the front window remains clear in all situations, from frigid weather to high humidity.

A power lens allows the focus and zoom of the camera to be adjusted without opening the enclosure, providing increased stability after installation.

The Peek Color Video Traffic Detection Camera can be ordered from your local Peek video distributor.

Downloads: Detection Camera Specifications



  • Entirely new camera design provides additional features in a smaller housing.
  • Full color camera designed to complement VideoTrakIQ and is completely compatible with VideoTrak and UniTrak
  • While the camera is smaller and lighter it retains the same bracket, connector and pinout design, to make it completely reverse compatible with existing Peek installations
  • Camera provides full color / motorized zoom focus control with autofocus and manual focus override
  • 18 times zoom lens is more than adequate for
    adjusting the image for optimum video detection over several lanes
  • Zoom and focus controls operate with existing control devices (e.g. Peek field video monitor). Autofocus automatically follows any zoom command eliminating the need for a manual focus operation, and reduces the risk of poor night focus
  • Zoom and Focus control is also enabled over the coaxial video connector (requires VideoTrak-IQ)
  • High sensitivity camera designed to provide optimum image in all lighting conditions
  • Simple installation no need to open housing
  • Rugged housing designed to handle all weather, meets IP68/NEMA-6P The frontend cap contains a glass viewing window with an integrated heater design that minimizes fogging of the window in high humidity areas, or freezing under cold
    temperature conditions. Heating is indirect, to avoid thermal shock issues.
  • Camera sled (cradle) can be rolled through 360 (to provide level adjustment of image)
  • Sunshield limits direct heat from sun, extends beyond faceplate to remove glare from low sun, includes lip to direct rain away from field of view, coated black on the inside to reduce sun reflections into the camera